Our fine BCE Stage 1 Eastern Black set was chosen as the official set of the World Youth Chess Championship 2012 in Maribor, Slovenia. A special limited edition run of twelve BCE S1EBDGT sets equipped with genuine DGT sensors for electronic move storage and transmission was produced. The sets were used and played for two weeks by the best of our young champions from all over the globe.

(Update Jan 2014: SOLD OUT!)

S1EB - Stage 1 Eastern Black - Version 2
Minimalistic and modern design with easy recognizable lines in best Staunton-style tradition.
  • (SOLD OUT!)
  • S1EBDGT - Stage 1 Eastern Pitch Black DGT.
  • DGT e- board compatible.
  • Limited edition.
  • Opposite colored bishop caps in traditional Dubrovnik style.
  • Hardened Slovenian maple in trademark GNovak pitch black.
  • Tapered base for unprecedented stability.
  • Felted with genuine blue leather.
  • King size: 3.75 inches (FIDE size 2).
  • King base diameter: 36 millimeters.
  • King weight: 30 grams. DGT compatible chessmen are never weighted.
  • Indestructible. No moving parts. No sharp edges.
  • Extra promotable queens.
  • Heavy duty slide top box.
  • Meaning of life.
  • Serially numbered white king. Tamper resistant serial engraved under felt.
  • Serially numbered certificate of authenticity. Only twelve historic sets made.
  • No waiting list.

Xiao Yiyi CHNMonnisha GK INDU12 open 1st Sevian Samuel 2
Maria NevioselayaResize of DSC_8785-X3Resize of DSC_8077-X3