Best Chessmen Ever

The Nimzowitsch Set

The pieces belonged to the great late Slovenian pianist Janez Lovše (1933 - 2012). As a student, his father was an avid chess player and as the story goes, once played a game against Aron Nimzowitsch and lost.
The year was 1931, the Bled tournament just ended and Nimzowitsch was staying a few more days in nearby Ljubljana with his gracious host Milan Vidmar, who promptly organized a simul. The challengers were asked to bring their own pieces.

So Nimzowitch was touching them. Here they are. I’m playing a game, I’m touching them too. I move the knight, just as he would have. But not as well.

Somehow, I feel the connection.

The set was probably bought in Vienna in the 1920’s. Note the matching turbans on the royal pair. Bishop has no mitre, the cap is opposite colored. Love the fat knight. Pieces are not weighted.



Mato Jelić Rulz

There’s plenty of chess instruction videos around the web. But there’s a channel above them all.

Meet Mato Jelić, best chess coach on the web.

Here’s a recent video on the infamous Austrian draw from 1972:

I love his sharp analysis and simple approach to teaching.


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