Best Chessmen Ever

A Dozen Chessboards

Reviewing the fundations of a chess game:


Prototype Done

It’s rough but lovely. Two parts misaligned, but no gap in the middle. Stable and playable. Lightweight.

When felted and polished, I know I’ll be lugging it around myself. Much better than plastic, just as convenient.

Why is this not on the market already? It’s not rocket science ...



An idea I have to see through. Here’s first prototype, almost finished.

Prototyping - 2
Prototyping - 8

You guessed it. A transportable magnetic chessboard. Ask me later how it turned out.



A custom job for a friend, his daughter is turning four. These will last her for a lifetime. I chose the colors carefully by trial and error. Refelted the magnetic slide top box thrice.


Tug my sleeve @bestchessmen if you want one. We’ll talk. :-)

In the background is my Cherry Red Dubrovnik, this one has the DGT sensors inside. A trained eye surely recognizes the DGT Walnut e-Board on the pic? Hi-tech. Not weighted, just as Bobby Fischer liked them.

At top right you can catch a glimpse of the latest red ZmartFun ZMF-II Chess Clock from the first factory run of the new model. Expect a review soon. Spoiler: Great clock! Top shit in the price range.


Blue Velvet

“She wore blue velvet
bluer than velvet were her eyes …”

On an odd nothing-to-do day I found some velvet on the shelf. Lined two of my personal Stage 1 sets (S1EB0010+ & S1EBDGT0020+) with it.


Nice custom job. Took me hours. Maybe we’ll do this for special customers. The shellac finish is custom too. I have too much time.

Note the separator on the older (DGT compatible) set. It was unnecessary and unpractical. Got rid of it in the next revision of the box. Added magnets, shuts close with a snap, standard on all our slide top boxes now.


Discovering Rules of Chess

Richard Feynman on the rational scientific method, increments and revolutions and castling.

What an eloquent man.


Silicone Chessmen (The Starbucks Chess Set)

Moving forward with chess technology. It is about time.

Here’s an interesting take on the future from XSKN:

The pieces are interestingly good looking and the material surprises in the hand. The folding board is a winner, a geat improvement over the roll-up vinyl sheets from the local chess club. This one is F.L.A.T. Friction is higher than usual, minus points for that. The PVC case with shoulder strap looks hi tech. Chessmen are of the USCF Staunton variety, nothing to see here, please move on. Dimensions are standard and FIDE approved:

3.5 inch king, (FIDE size 1)
55 mm square size

The set scores high with kids. This is what you want for their next birthday present, ponder no more. Go for the colors.
Silicone knightSilicone Chessmen - 1Silicone Chessmen - 2Silicone Chessmen - 3

Update (April 27th, 2013): Looks like this chess set is to become the official Starbucks Chess set!

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