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Going Wild with Colors

A few days ago a box of filament has been delivered, some exotic flavors were ordered. You gotta love those colors! The machine was loaded immediately. Reporting results.

Here' a Blitz set in ultramarine blue and semitransparent on the light side.
BCE Blitz Ultramarine

Then there is this one in violent violet paired with pure white.
BCE Blitz Violet

New BCE Blitz Prototype Colors

I 3D printed these as the last iteration of my BCE Blitz prototype set and was very happy with the result, this is thusly the final design of a new Noj handmade in Slovenia offering, the wood carved BCE Blitz set in maple, walnut, stained brown, pitch black or Rh red, soon to be announced on their web page.

I was however pleasantly surprised by the playability and aeshetics of the plastic prototypes themselves, so I offered to maybe print some more for some selected friends on these fora. (Exclusively. They are offered nowhere else.) These Blitz pieces are fast, sturdy, felted, weighted just right, with a low center of gravity.

Thank you for your interest and support, you know who you are.

So I ventured on to explore the colors. Here's a set printed in silky gold on the white side, felted with lipstick red velvet. Note the matching bishop finials.

(UPDATE! - BCE 3D printed sets are available in any color combination, below is just a sample of choices.)


Here's a dark brown / vanilla white combination. More serious, toning down the plastic essence of the material, losing some joyfulness of contemporary materials. Could pass for a wooden set from across a street. Felted green as a nod to tradition.

Finally, pearl blue contender. Icy cool and elegant for sophisticated appreciators. That fresh-off-the-gallery-shelf look and feel. These pieces do not buckle under pressure.

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