Best Chessmen Ever

New Batch of Photos

Traditionally slim. Five turrets is the BCE standard. I have a some semi-pro equipment and I did some nice photos. But best wants best.
So I asked some friends with skills to help out. They delivered. Coming soon to a website near you.


Pictured Stage 2 Eastern Black set. Check out the king’s rook’s & knight’s red crowns and the blue leather felted pawn bottom.


For Immediate Release

We are proud to announce the official World Youth Chess Championships 2012 chess set to be used on 12 main boards throughout the event. The sets will be custom designed and handcrafted in Slovenia under the trademark Best Chessmen Ever. The version chosen is the fine BCE Stage 1 Eastern Black set. Minimalistic and modern design with easy recognizable lines in best Staunton-style tradition but with opposite colored bishop caps for easier bishop/pawn distinction. Pitch black coloring. Felted. Weighted.

All the sets will be equipped with genuine DGT sensors for electronic move transmission. They will be auctioned off at the end of the championships to interested parties.

Gens una sumus.

-The BCE Team

DGT Test

We worked hard for this. The DGT cylinders are a tight fit. The chessmen are lighter than our standard sets with no loss of stability. This is preferred in competitive tornament play as the DGT e-boards are used in all events. The DGT pieces are never weighted.

Here’s me holding my breath:


Branding the Stage 1 Slide Top

Wanted to get that arms dealer look. Close. Looks very good on rough wood.


A Stage 1 Chessboard

We don’t do chessboards. It’s an art form in itself.
Friends from Germany do it well.
Found a nice one to complement clean lines of the Stage 1 set. No borders. Be free.


BCE Gift Casket

Optional gift casket. Finest woodwork from Cerknica, Slovenia. Custom built for GNovak BCE. Traditional and Slovene.


Happy Customer

Comedian and TV personality Jure Godler presenting Best Chessmen Ever.


Red Brand of Honor

New feature: king’s mark in deep red. Very posh.


Standard on Stage 2 sets, option for Stage 1.


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