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New BCE Blitz Prototype Colors

I 3D printed these as the last iteration of my BCE Blitz prototype set and was very happy with the result, this is thusly the final design of a new Noj handmade in Slovenia offering, the wood carved BCE Blitz set in maple, walnut, stained brown, pitch black or Rh red, soon to be announced on their web page.

I was however pleasantly surprised by the playability and aeshetics of the plastic prototypes themselves, so I offered to maybe print some more for some selected friends on these fora. (Exclusively. They are offered nowhere else.) These Blitz pieces are fast, sturdy, felted, weighted just right, with a low center of gravity.

Thank you for your interest and support, you know who you are.

So I ventured on to explore the colors. Here's a set printed in silky gold on the white side, felted with lipstick red velvet. Note the matching bishop finials.

(UPDATE! - BCE 3D printed sets are available in any color combination, below is just a sample of choices.)


Here's a dark brown / vanilla white combination. More serious, toning down the plastic essence of the material, losing some joyfulness of contemporary materials. Could pass for a wooden set from across a street. Felted green as a nod to tradition.

Finally, pearl blue contender. Icy cool and elegant for sophisticated appreciators. That fresh-off-the-gallery-shelf look and feel. These pieces do not buckle under pressure.

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