Best Chessmen Ever

BCE Magnetic Chessboards Available Again

Our last batch of our fine magnetic chessboards was sold out in weeks, we have finally our next (but again, limited to two dozen) batch ready and available in four colors - red, blue, green and brown. Printed maple, handmade in Slovenia.

More info on our blog.



BCE magnetic II

Over the weekend the second batch of BCE magnetic chessboards was delivered. Here's the next iteration, made in Slovenia:


This time only 11 boards were made in two colors, bordeaux red and greenish blue. The new batch sports our website URL, improved edge to edge printing and better selection of interesting wood grain with aesthetically pleasing imperfections and beauty marks. Treated and coated with shellac for a smooth playing surface.

Field size 55 mm, total weight 880 g! Named BCE Stage 1 Quattro Print boards will be signed on the back per request.

Availability is very limited, a few of the boards are already reserved for previous BCE customers, the rest are available for € 99,99 + shipping, all appropriate taxes (VAT, etc.) included. Email me if interested.


Note the ergonomic side grip for easy lifting the board from a table:


Still searching for that perfect design.


Best Chessboards Ever S1QP - First Pro Batch

The S1QP serial moniker stands for “Stage 1 Quattro Print” boards. Had them done by professionals this time. Turned out perfect.

Magnetic all the way! Nothing beats the utility of these. Light, flat, sturdy and transportable with pretty on the top. These are the Best Chessboards Ever.


I believe it.

The prototypes:

BCE Stage 1 on a Conchess Monarch

I modified our 3.5” Stage 1 Home edition chessmen to work with old electronic chessbots.

I simply printed rings for 12 mm flat magnets to hold them in place, glued them on the bottom and refelted.

Kosteniuk in da House

I was lucky to record a friendly game of chess between GM Alexandra Kosteniuk and WGM Darja Kapš on the eve of Ljubljana Chess Festival 2014, WFM Indira Bajt dropped in for some kibitzing. Alexandra Konstantinovna was welcomed and presented with BCE Stage 1 Eastern Black chessmen and BCE Stage 1 Quattro Red magnetic chessboard. Both were tested at once in the lobby of Hotel Lev, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Kosteniuk, Kapš & Bajt - 2
The trio autographed my personal Stage 1 Eastern Rh Red set. In other news our BCE GM Count is incremented once again. I’m happy as a little kid.


Chessplayer's Creed

This is my chessboard. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
My chessboard is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.
My chessboard, without me, is useless. Without my chessboard, I am useless. I must move on my chessboard true. I must move straighter than my enemy who is trying to defeat me. I must defeat him before he defeats me. I will...
My chessboard and I are the defenders of my country. We are the masters of our enemy. We are the saviors of my life.
So be it, until victory is won and there is no enemy.

The Mother of All Magnetic Chessboards

Designed by prof. Janez Suhadolc, Ljubljana, Slovenia. One of a kind.


Rhapsody in Red

Obsessed with colors lately. Here’s a nice setup I did for the family. One of a kind.

The new Zmartfun deserves separate video review, stay tuned. The custom (and experimental) Rh Red color on my new BCE S1ER0053 turned out nice beyond expectations. Spectacular.


Prototype Done

It’s rough but lovely. Two parts misaligned, but no gap in the middle. Stable and playable. Lightweight.

When felted and polished, I know I’ll be lugging it around myself. Much better than plastic, just as convenient.

Why is this not on the market already? It’s not rocket science ...



An idea I have to see through. Here’s first prototype, almost finished.

Prototyping - 2
Prototyping - 8

You guessed it. A transportable magnetic chessboard. Ask me later how it turned out.


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