Best Chessmen Ever

Testing Picochess 0.28

It’s a big rewrite.

Here is a video of our 5-year old playing against the simple POS chess engine (, ELO 500) using Pichochess on Mac Pro and Phoenix Systems Revelation II chessbot board.
Note the extremely robust interface and http broadcasting of the game, analyzed in browser running Stockfish. (Yes, the engine runs in the browser.) The game PGN is automatically emailed upon completion or downloaded via browser. Additional moves can be entered via web interface for analysis. A database of games will be added.

Picochess now runs any UCI chess engine on Raspberry Pi, Odroid, Mac OS X, Windoze, you name it.

We believe this is best chess teaching tool ever. Imagine a remote tutor monitoring a game between two kids (or kid vs. engine) via web interface & Skype.


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