Best Chessmen Ever

Inspired by the great 1849 Staunton design, these chessmen have it all.

(Pictured: BCE S1WN - Stage 1 Western Natural felted with optional blue leather)
BCE Stage 1:
  • King size 3.75 inches (FIDE size 2), base diameter 40 mm. These are for play.
  • Researched, designed, measured, handcrafted, tested.
  • No redundant design. It’s the 21st century.
  • Hardened Slovenian maple and walnut. Extremely durable.
  • Weighted. Perfect weight to size ratio.
  • Tapered rollover base.
  • Unprecedented stability. Blitz anyone?
  • 18 % balance point.
  • No fragile parts. No sharp edges. Most durable on market by far.
  • 7 point queen’s crown with curved spikes.
  • 5 rook crenelations. Looks better than six. Four is for pussies.
  • Felted with finest Croatian felt.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Serially numbered white king. Tamper resistant serial engraved under felt.
  • White king branded with GNovak trademark logo.
  • Serially numbered certificate of authenticity.
  • Heavy duty slide top box.
  • Made in Slovenia. Note the love in “Slovenia.”
  • Pieces blessed by local church authorities.

(Pictured: BCE S2WB - Stage 2 Western in optional Pitch Black)
BCE Stage 2 bonus features:
  • Ergonomic collars for grandmaster grip.
  • Double weighted. More perfect weight to size ratio.
  • Traditional sleek rooks.
  • Intricate carved knights. Details, man.

(Above: BCE Stage 3 gated and windowed rook)
BCE Stage 3 bonus features:
  • Multiple ergonomic collars for professional grip.
  • Weighted. Most perfectest weight to size ratio.
  • Tower gated and windowed rooks.
  • Intricate carved knights. Check out the teeth and braids.
  • Golden Marked king’s side knights and rooks. Two words: tra dition.
  • Felted with genuine red leather. Oooh, aaah!
  • Extra promotable queens.
  • Luxury carton giftbox.
  • Bluetooth enabled. (Feature available in late 2024.)

These are the Best Chessmen Ever. It sayz so right on the box.

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