App Clock

Here’s an update to my recent chess clocks setup tests, a review of today’s iOS app update featuring nice and useful digital chess clock:

Best chess clock travel solution by far. Very convenient. Don’t even look at specialized chess clock apps, it’s all feces on the market. It’s not even funny.


P. S. A few suggestions to the developer folks:
  • A randomizer for Fischer random games would be nice.
  • Optional customization of the sounds. Kids want explosions at the end.
  • Never let the users customize the colors! This is a road to hell Uglyville.
  • Optional move counter discretely tucked away in some corner. Trust the design guy, he done good so far.
  • WTF is a clock doing in “Settings”? Sure, it’s not easy to shuffle the layout around to accomodate a new button, but somebody gotta do it. Settings? Really?