Best Chessmen Ever

Dubrovnik DGT Red

Here’s a chess set with a story.
Last December a nice lady from UK wanted to surprise her husband for Christmas. The hubby is a chess nut. She figured a handcrafted top end chess set from Slovenia will do the job. So she ordered a Dubrovnik from the GNovak workshop. You know, the one our BCE’s are made at.

But there’s a waiting list, they said. Delivery in January at best. Christmas? Yea, right, ...

So she begged. Unable to handle the situation, the workshop pointed her at me. Try that guy, they said. We just made a very nice one in custom dark red for that guy. Go and ask. It’s not like he needs it.

So she went and she asked. Made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. So I sold her that set, shipped it to London on 24th and I hear the hubby is happy.

The workshop promised I’ll have a replacement in early January. Yea, right,...

Got it in March.

But this one is special. This one I ordered custom rigged. See the video.

One of a kind.


P. S. Anybody asking for this one will be paying through the nose. You have been warned.

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