Novag Quartz Chess Clock

Novag Quartz Chess Clock
A chessclock from prehistoric future. Make that 1980. Prepare to be awed.

I love Novag’s attention to design. They were always a step ahead above H&G or Fidelity or anybody else in *that* department. We are talking eighties and early nineties here, the golden era of dedicated chessbots. Until the engines wiped them out.

The designers were out of line on this one, though. Form over function, so much that it hurts. Ouch.

  • Plastic.
  • Breakable Hinged display.
  • Fancy automatic power on. Ooh. Aah.
  • Detachable buttons. Yes. Detachable.
  • Star Trek communicator look and feel. Not in a good way.
  • Membrane buttons.
  • Aaaaaargh.

They tell me the clock can be hooked to a Novag Savant. Riiiiiiight, ...