Silicone Chessmen (The Starbucks Chess Set)

Moving forward with chess technology. It is about time.

Here’s an interesting take on the future from XSKN:

The pieces are interestingly good looking and the material surprises in the hand. The folding board is a winner, a geat improvement over the roll-up vinyl sheets from the local chess club. This one is F.L.A.T. Friction is higher than usual, minus points for that. The PVC case with shoulder strap looks hi tech. Chessmen are of the USCF Staunton variety, nothing to see here, please move on. Dimensions are standard and FIDE approved:

3.5 inch king, (FIDE size 1)
55 mm square size

The set scores high with kids. This is what you want for their next birthday present, ponder no more. Go for the colors.
Silicone knightSilicone Chessmen - 1Silicone Chessmen - 2Silicone Chessmen - 3

Update (April 27th, 2013): Looks like this chess set is to become the official Starbucks Chess set!