Subozan Size 3

My neighbour's Subozan size 3, a smallish portable set from a country that is no more, Yugoslavia.
Subozan 3

Made around 1970. Not weighted, not felted. Never used, the neighbour is no chess player. A barebones, cheap as cheap can get, simple simplissimus chess set, derived from Austrian Coffeehouse designs. Unstable pieces, poor lacquer finish, painted bishop finials (!), all pieces turned from same diameter rod including king & queen. The box is flimsy, thin plywood painted board. A simple hook mechanism for closing the box that gets loose over time. Misaligned halves.
Subozan komerc 3 Bratanič - 05
Subozan komerc 3 Bratanič - 07
Subozan komerc 3 Bratanič - 08
Subozan komerc 3 Bratanič - 09
Subozan komerc 3 Bratanič - 10
A thirld world chess set. Sux deeply, pardon my French. Lots of nostalgic power, though. This design was sold in millions behind the iron curtain, every household in Yugoslavia had one of these in the 70'. Repeat after me: Every. Household.

I love it.