Best Chessmen Ever

The Dubrovnik 1950 Pawn

Best pawn in chess history. It’s hard to compete against *this*:

The Dubrovnik 1950. Sure the damn thing is stable, look at that fat bottom! These guys are a little on the short side and cannot be knocked over by accident. Malice with intent required. Very ergonomic, the collar is just right. Generously felted with green billiards cloth. Note the custom red stain.


Kasparov vs. Short 2012

The champ is back! An amazing game featuring Helen Mirren.


OTB Against Deep Fritz 13

A test game against a computer running Deep Fritz 13 on a DGT electronic chessboard with our limited edition BCE S1 Eastern Black pieces. A perfect match. This particular set is customized with the king’s marks. I don’t need them, but I love them. A touch of old class.


Best Chessboard Size

So what is the right board size for your particular chess pieces, really? One rule of thumb goes like this: The king’s diameter should be about 75 % of the field size.

Say what?

Numbers are hard. Over here we use a simpler rule of our own. More practical too. Here’s how we do it:

Testing the board size - 15

Take a king and a queen and place them on diagonally adjacent squares. Place a bishop between the royal pair. See if the bishop has any chaperoning elbow room. If not, you got some shopping to do. Your board is crowded. Bigger is better.

Here’s a detailed video:

You’re welcome.


A Crazy Game

This is not how grandmasters are supposed to play, is it?

Two black queens and underpromotion to a white knight. Checkmate on board on 76th move. Sick.


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