Best Chessmen Ever

The Man vs. The Machine

Chess documentaries, I've seen them all, hungry for something new. Here it is, fresh, well made, thoughtful. Only the title is kinda old.

If anything, it's too short.


DGT 3000 Setup Test

We test them so you don't have to.

A very fine update to the old XL. Bigger display, more info, same basic design.


Dubrovnik 70's Club Chess Set

Original, supposedly not very rare. These budget sets were produced in numbers for Yugoslav clubs and are still being used today, I snatched this one from a chess club in Ljubljana, Slovenia (and donated one of our S1EBT sets in exchange.)

The design is surprisingly close to the Dubrovik II originals, excepting few details (bottoms not fat enough, crude queen crowns). Unweighted, lacquered. No extra queens.

We Have a World Champion

Congratulations to WFM Laura Unuk, 2014 World Youth Champion!
Laura, you made us so proud! Thank you.


Unboxing DGT 3000

New off the shelf, it's not even listed on the official DGT homepage yet. A replacement upgrade of the old 2003 DGT XL, it was about time. Same design, but nicer color, better LCD screen with more info available. This one can display hours *and* seconds at the same time. Compatible with DGT electronic boards and yes, with latest Picochess 0.28 too.


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