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PicoChess 0.18 for Odroid-XU

Here’s the image file for Odroid-XU with the latest Stockfish DD engine:

PicoChess-018-OdroidXU.img.gz - (1.86 GB download)

Unzip file and flash your 8 GB micro SD card as per instructions on the web. Plug the card into your odroid, connect DGT board & clock and off you go.

More info and instructions to flash your 8 GB micro SD card in the previous blog entry, it’s basically the same thing. To use odroid as a Linux machine, just attach mouse, keyboard and monitor and press Ctrl-C to enter the desktop. Snoop around. There’s Scid installed.


PicoChess 0.18 for Raspberry Pi

I updated macines today to the latest version of PicoChess with the awesome Stockfish DD engine.

Here’s the image file for Raspberry Pi:

PicoChess-018-Raspberry.img.gz - (2.75 GB download)

Unzip file and flash your 8 GB SD card as per instructions on the web. Plug the card into your Pi, connect DGT board & clock and off you go.

The beast is stronger than ever. It’s redefining awesomeness under the hoods everywhere.

I changed the autostart method on boot, the engine now runs in userspace (no longer as root). If you connect a keyboard and a mouse, you’ll find Scid installed also. If you happen to have a Novag Citrine, I believe I installed drivers for that too. (But the Citrine will only work with Scid or ChessDB.) Or was that on the Odroid? Can’t remember ... Simply press control-C to exit Picochess and type


at the prompt to enter the desktop. To restart Pico reboot the machine or run

stockfish dgt /dev/ttyUSB0

in a terminal.

If you attach an USB dongle, you can talk to the machine via wifi. You will need to edit a config file first:

sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces

Enter your wifi credentials here. You will want to connect someday via sftp and download your played games stored in the game.pgn file in the home folder. (Someday. At the moment the file stays at zero bytes.)

The previous version (0.17) in action:

0.18 image files for Rikomagic MK802 II and Odroid-XU coming up next. Maybe a binary for the mac. Stay tuned.


P.S. To flash your 8 GB SD card:

On windows, suggest 7zip to unpack the file and Win32 Imager to overwrite.

On a mac, use RPi Card Builder.

Linux users will know how to help themselves. They are tough little suckers.

The Possessed Machine

Christmas coming, kids need to be fed with toys. Here’s the Excalibur Phantom Force chessbot for our youngest.

Damn Santa was never this good to me.


DGT Revelation II Test

The mother of all chessbots. Top notch. Powerful. Mighty high ELO.

Plays like a charm. Serial number is 010006, first five were test units. This is the first production machine and first one sold worldwide.

It boots like a serious machine. No instant turn-on.

A look at the book rack. Nice boobs ... Books!


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