Best Chessmen Ever

How to Checkmate with Bishop and Knight

Not easy. Very hard to play, even harder to teach. Oh, how they tried! I’ve seen this in books, WTF? What is this? Hello? This isn’t helping! Anybody there? ... Hello? ...

On the other hand, you will never need this.

Or will you? What if ...

Jerry does the impossible. A simple, comprehensive and accurate study of the old problem. This is top notch stuff:

Now go and impress a girl.


Black and White as Day and Night

Schwarz und weiß wie Tage und Nächte (1978). *The* lost chess movie. TV only, no DVD, no torrents. Only in Spanish on YouTube.

A darn good chess movie, perhaps best ever!

Starring Bruno Ganz and Ljuba Tadić, filmed partly in my hometown Ljubljana, Slovenia with some local cast I admired as a kid in the theatre, movies and TV (Anton Petje, Sandi Čolnik, Matija Barl). I love it.


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