Best Chessmen Ever

The Mother of All Magnetic Chessboards

Designed by prof. Janez Suhadolc, Ljubljana, Slovenia. One of a kind.


Running PicoChess

PicoChess 0.17 running on Raspberry PI, DGT USB chessboard & Best Chessmen Ever S1EBDGT0028 pieces.

I gotta figure out how to get the electronics inside the XL clock. Heat is an issue. Maybe try with Rikomagic 802 II instead, it’s smaller.


BCE S1 Tournament Chessmen

These we do in volume and sell in bulk, email for details or look for occasional special offer. No serial number, no box, no GN trademark, nothing. Bare bones boxwood tournament chessmen. Ebonized or Natural.


height diameter weight
King 94 mm 40 mm 48 g
Queen 85 mm 38 mm 45 g
Bishop 77 mm 37 mm 33 g
Knight 70 mm 37 mm 44 g
Rook 56 mm 37 mm 38 g
Pawn 50 mm 30 mm 18 g


GM Vasja Pirc 1950 Dubrovnik

Went to Idrija today, visited the Pirc family.  Do you recognize the name? Yes, *that* Pirc.
Was kindly shown late Grandmaster Vasja Pirc's original 1950 Dubrovnik by his son. Here's are the pics:

Vasja Pirc Original Dubrovnik 1950 - 05
Note the tall knight and the queen’s crown. The design was changed slightly in late 1960’s. Compare with Bobby Fischer’s favorite 1970 Dubrovnik.
Vasja Pirc Original Dubrovnik 1950 - 01
The pieces are felted but *not* weighted.
Vasja Pirc Original Dubrovnik 1950 - 03Vasja Pirc Original Dubrovnik 1950 - 04Vasja Pirc Original Dubrovnik 1950 - 07Vasja Pirc Original Dubrovnik 1950 - 08Vasja Pirc Original Dubrovnik 1950 - 09Vasja Pirc Original Dubrovnik 1950 - 10
The set includes a big but simple felted chessbox. Field size 55 mm. Inside there is a metallic badge/pin with the inscription “IX. šah olimpijada Dubrovnik, Jugoslavija.”
Vasja Pirc Original Dubrovnik 1950 - 12Vasja Pirc Original Dubrovnik 1950 - 13

The Plastic Dubrovnik

One of most popular sets on the Balkans.


Slow Motion Pawn Capture Test

Another day, another test ...

Sets tested:


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